Accessories (jewelry) from prom night 2016

Accessories for prom is very important. They not only set the tone for a selected image, but also to complement it, making total image.

prom accessories 2016

Choose the colors, the shape of each detail and stylistic direction is necessary, depending on the most important thing – the color and style of dress.

For example, if the dress is made in the Greek style on prom accessories must comply with it. So, how it should be – handbag of small size , earrings in the form of several chains or rings, a bracelet of medium thickness, and accessories for hair are made in the same style.

prom accessories 2016

As you already understood, it is impossible tell in a few words about this, but only make it more confusing. That is why in today’s article we will talk about each part separately, including the actual colors of the spring-summer season and the materials of which must be made decorations.

What accessories are needed to prom 2016? The list:
a small handbag or as it is called – clutch;
earrings made of precious metals (gold or silver) or plastic; wooden or metallic bracelet on one arm;
one or two rings (one hand);  fingerless gloves made of light materials are welcomed;
necklace or suspension (pendant) on neck on a chain;
accessories for hair: rubber bands, invisible beings, hairpins, diadem, ring, satin ribbons and flowers, etc. (depending on the taste of girl).

Earrings on prom
If we talk about earrings 2016, then everything depends here primarily on the hair. If you choose styling with flowing hair, it is best to stay at long earrings “droplets”. With the collected upward hairstyle is better to choose the clips (if your ears are not pierced) or earrings in the style of “a gypsy.”

A bracelet on prom
In 2016 all sorts of bracelets are welcomed. Bracelets made of wood, metal and even plastic. However, jewelry from yellow or rose gold is looked more beautiful and elegant. But if finances do not allow to get such a luxury thing, you can buy silver bracelet Pandora.

Rings on the fingers
The ordinary and non-standard rings, both are now in fashion. Especially the rings signets on several fingers became popular phenomenon. It looks not much cheeky, but youth. And if you do not like to wear rings, purchase a clutch with the handle in the form of  brass knuckles rings.

Necklace or suspension bracket?

Probably the most image-makers, designers will say in one voice  – of course suspension on a chain. That’s because there is nothing better not to find for such a young age! Such decoration on prom in 2016 does not increase the weight of the image, making it more tender, romantic, and of course the feminine.