Coat Of Sandy And Graphite Shades – The Basis Of The Autumn Wardrobe

In the autumn is not so important how gorgeous your outfit if outerwear is far from perfect. Therefore it is necessary to chose fashionable coat.


And this season it is important to make the biggest bet, not only on sandy shades, but also in graphite and pastel colors.

Storm in desert


The coat sandy and ground shades may be the answer to any problem. Too cold for a classic trench? A beige coat! Friends call a walk in the park? Beige coat! Business meeting outside the office? And again – beige coat! This article of clothing goes out of fashion for decades, ever since, as the Max Mara brand introduced its iconic coat with coded named 101801. This means that such a thing is really worth to invest – you might even pass it by inheritance!


The melting haze


Sometimes it is necessary to abandon stereotypes and prefer spring pastel shades of autumn palette. Agree that olive, minty, quartz pink and sky blue colors pleasing to the eye, even in the most inclement weather. Choose a coat in soft candy schemes and combine with minimalist things strict forms such as  pencil -skirts, culottes architectural and leather trousers.



Do not rush to exclaim “What a dullness!” And look at the “steel” and graphite coat closer. They can be an ideal alternative bored black jackets – gray always looks elegant and even aristocratic. And especially if we combine steel and graphite shades of soft pastel colors they will cancel each other out, not allowing the image to slide into the gloomy Gothic.