Etro Show At Fashion Week In Milan

Romance of wandering in the new collection Veronica Etro.┬áHeroines of Veronica Etro in the new season – a strong, open, passion for traveling women.


They prefer bright practical clothes in which they can feel comfortable and while on safari in the desert, and a walk around the city.

The designer turned to the heritage house – typical for Etro ethnic grounds, and translated them into modern language. Signed prints and embroidery resolved in bright colors: pink, fluorescent yellow, green, and connected to the black-and-white stripe. Graphical caftans, ponchos and cape with colorful prints combined with striped trousers in military style, leather pants in biker spirit and knitted tops. That allis a ┬ásurprisingly harmonious tandem sport and ethnics.

milan milan-2 milan-3

Unusual interpretation of underwear style: wide “pajama” pants with a belt in the form of tied at the waist shirt complete with richly embroidered vests. Flying dresses, without which no cost, no one Etro collection, put on as a shawl.

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