Fashion Accessories Of Autumn

Before going to the stores remember your favorite fairy. Milky river, rejuvenating rosy apples and blue sea in which swim goldfish, embodied in the current accessories: shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewelery.


To become a Snow White or Sea Mistress – a question of mood. The main thing is that all the fashion fairy tales – happy end.

A milky diet


Delicate shade of warm milk is an ideal base for trendy color contrasts. For the image to fit the style of casual fashionable accessories with contrasting trim in black or midnight blue, and for a more festive sets, you can use things with golden elements.



Berry shades from bright-strawberry to dark -blackberry  provide vitamin charge for the whole season. Such a rich palette will look particularly good in the things that have an expressive form.

Geometric patterns and massive elements creating graphically silhouettes: massive heels protectors, underline the nature of things. And none of the wicked witch will not ruin your spell.

Bag of rigid shape and shoes with stable heels leave no doubt about the character of the heroine. Their owner of will be able to fend for themselves and will not wait for the arrival of hunters. Here is a tale emancipated. Beware of wolves!

Accessories with a large metal fittings give the mood of the image of the basic things. Gloves with metal rivets support the rock ‘n’ Roll theme and grommets on the bag, hobo remind about the sport.

Lofer with rough soles will add an avid racing components and feminine jewelry temper aggressive start. As an alternative to rings and bracelets can be used watches with unusual shapes.

The sky with diamonds

Rhinestones and pearls, like stars, scattered on black velvet conquer true romantics. Overflows stones and metal gaze, and  in contrast to the fairy tale of Cinderella after midnight, this magic is not over.

Small sparkling item will bring variety to a strict way. Gloves, decorated with stars, or ring sets are suitable for formal and are appropriate in tandem with the more solemn things.

The Internet is not quenched debate about the new zodiacal constellation of Ophiuchus. This hot topic inspires fashion images with astronomical motifs, and astrological aspects is best left to professionals.

Playing semitones: shades of copper, brass and pearly shimmering encouraged. Shoes and clutches, decorated in this way, will be advantageous to look at the background of laconic dresses.

Everyday life – not a reason to refuse to shine. Headgear pearl strand bracelet with a brush or metallic bag suitable for daily images.


All shades of aqua in the new collections of accessories – for nostalgic for the resort coast. The oceanic palette of friends with classic autumn palette. Things warm autumnal colors of the forest are set off perfectly “cool” accessories. From time to time fashion critics write about that blue – is the new black. Designers offer their own opinion and use these two colors together, which can live together as a couple.