New colorful fashion challenges from Apple and Hermes

In addition to the already-available colors the tech-watch comes in (specifically brown, gray, black, red and blue). The whole media consentrait their attention to Apple and Hermès. Since April 19th, leather bands iconic Apple, Hermes watches will not be sold only individually, but also will comprise a wider  range of colors.

Apple Hermes Watch

You’ll have a big opportunity  to fit  watch to the clothes. At the same time, first time  ever in history of Apple, all of the various Hermès leather bands will be sold separately in some Apple shopes, Hermès shopes and of course on the brand’s websites.

Sizes of  bands vary from company Apple Watch size model. Not all colors are available for both 38-mm and 42-mm models. They will cost for $ 340 for a single Tour and $ 490 for a double one. Signed brown leather Hermès cuff group, on the other hand, will cost $ 690.

If you are looking for a “cheap” iconic autonomous groups, and would just like to invest in one tape, so the orange is the color that  you need, and an exquisitely represented the heritage of French fashion house.

Seperate groups also can be great gifts.  It is a  great opportunity for you give to any of your friends or family members who already have Apple’s, to watch. Buying a separate group, cheaper than buying a whole set. The beginning price Hermès Apple Watch is still 1100 $.

Hermes Watch

The new Hermès’s Apple band will surely add fresh fashion touch for those who identify themselves as Apple seasoned company prodigies. Apple’s, still working  lot of hours to make it as the most trendy of its product line. They have  wonderful  strategy, which  is paying off really.

The brands began working as a partners  in autumn of last year, and have since then attracted a lot of fashion and tech devotee.