Red bag – fashion trend of 2016. With what it can be worn?

Red bag is one of the best accessories that can complement a variety of images. In 2016, these bags have taken pride of place in the shows of many designers. However, the red bag is like to emphasize the dignity of the advantages of the image, and to focus on the negatives.

red bag 2016

Therefore, you need to know, “how to choose a red bag 2016 and what to wear them?”.

In summer, women may decide upon a a pretty bold experiments, afford to be more vivid and expressive. Red bag can be a great accessory and complement a wide variety of images, from the gentle and romantic, completing a bold and outrageous attire. Going on vacation, you can combine the red bag with dresses marine style. Different dresses, sundresses and sets of clothes white and blue color will look great with a stylish red bag. Business women may also use this accessory, combining it with white or beige skirt or trouser suit. For everyday wear such a bag can also be relevant. It can be combined with white sarafan dresses of chiffon and denim clothing. To add an image as temptress help red handbag. They are ideally combined with a juicy cocktail dresses summer flowers.

red bag 2016

We should not exclude the possibility of combining the red bag with winter clothes. It will look great with a sports coat down jackets or classic style, deep-blue, bottle or black. Especially stylish handbags look complete with red leather gloves. Red bag will be relevant in the autumn, spring season. Very stylish bag will look like the color in combination with monochrome cardigan coat or black. If you choose a good tippet, supplementing the image, you can arrange the necessary accents.

Fashion in 2016 on the red bag
Many modern designers have chosen the color of cranes for the production of models of bags. At the fashion shows in 2016 there are bags burgundy, scarlet and cherry hue. Particularly interesting model of these bags are represented in the collections of Valentino, Valekstra, Versays and Mulberry. In this fashion will be considered as a miniature handbag, can accommodate only a lipstick, mascara and mirror, and three-dimensional models, which differ a great capacity.

red bags 2016

Fashion House offers a variety of models in red bags. You can come across as bright and causing pattern made from the different reptile skin and stylish options, decorated with three-dimensional flowers, ribbons, bows, and other types of decoration. Many designers have focused on business handbags more restrained faintly red. Also presented a lot of romantic models decorated with delicate pink and blue ruffles.

Trend 2016 clutches are red. They have been used at shows Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Hermès. Red clutches designers decorated with with rhinestones, jewels, embroidery and large beads. Popular materials for the production of clutches became leather, suede, and various kinds of fabrics.

From what to wear red bag in 2016?
Immediately it is worth to forget about the myth, providing for the impracticality of red shopping bags. If you choose the right outfit, a red bag can be an ideal way of complement and emphasize the dignity of the figure. When you select the top of clothing, combined with a red bag, it is better to pay attention to patterns of black and white shades. With their bright bag always looks important and appropriate.

red bag 2016

When choosing shoes, you should consider a combination of the other elements of the image with a red bag. If you do not provide the use of some red accessories 2016: necklaces, scarves, gloves, bracelets and so on, it is better to choose red shoes or popular Louboutin. Otherwise, the shoes can be a different color, suitable to create an image. The hit of 2016 will also be the combination of the red bag with a red-and-black fur on sheepskin coat or jacket. This fur can decorate the collar or hood outerwear. However, it should be avoided superabundance of red color, because it may make the image too flashy. The most unfortunate option would be a combination of the red bag with red gloves and a shoe.