Status And Prestige: Accessories For Business Woman

Office dress code regulates the strict rules of appearance. But every girl, regardless of the place of work, I want to look decent and attractive. Ascetic dress-case, strict striped pencil skirt and jacket  – if you’re in it, none of Chiefs even the pickiest Chief will not be able to doubt you.

office style 2016

But if the soul needs to change and diversity, enhance your image with the help of the relevant but spectacular detail.

Fashionable accessories for the women accompany any complete collection of every season and appear independent rulers of this product. What exactly to choose if you are applying for the status of a good employee, that honors the rules of dress code?

Down with the “gypsy”

Defiant and aggressive is not suitable for the office. It is primarily all, color and shapes. Most working atmosphere correspond elegant jewelry made of precious metals. However, no earrings, no rings should not be evident. An ideal variant of earrings – stylish stud of pearl, gold or silver tidy rings, earrings. The ear ring should not delay the earlobe or be long. Win-win solution – pick up a couple with small stones, which are combined with the tone of your hair or the usual shades of suit.
For example, for red-hair girls will suitable pomegranates, zirconium or dark amber and blonde – a translucent amethyst, lapis lazuli and moonstone. As for the rings,  “dimensions” must be small.

In the end, with rings on the fingers hard to cope with the keyboard, and shoot the jewels in the workplace is not recommended – you never know where they will disappear during the coffee break. For blouse with ¾ sleeves suitable metallic alloy or enamel bangles, centimeter thick. Chain bracelet with small pendants are appropriate in every situation. Be wary of such products in the cold season, when the bracelet can deform the glove.

The main attribute of a business woman

Do not forget about  watch. These stylish women’s accessories always accompany business woman despite the fact that we used to tell time via phone or computer.

женские часы

Among all species of hours business women appropriate three:

  • representative, with a standard round, square or rectangular dial. This is the most expensive timepieces are designed for special occasions;

  • classic, with “quiet” design, for each day;

  • branded, with a recognizable corporate identity, which is not discordant with the onion business and the general atmosphere.