Sunglasses Cartier

French jewelry house Cartier was founded in 1847 in Paris and at the beginning of the XX century became known not only in France but also in Russia, England, India and America.


Currently Cartier – one of the leading manufacturers of jewelry, fragrances, watches and accessories, among which are especially popular sunglasses.

Luxury Sunglasses Cartier
Luxury sunglasses, made from high quality materials, are able to emphasize the unique style of their owner. Cartier Jewelry home creates modern glasses with regard to old traditions, they are sure will please fans of the classic style, who appreciate luxury, elegance and sophistication. All models are characterized by restraint and Cartier unchanged style. This points to confident people. They are not just included in the lists of the world’s most expensive glasses.

For example, the collection of Cartier C Decor distinguished ornament with the letter C collection Panthere de Cartier – the legendary Panther, Trinity de Cartie – interlaced rings, and collection Santoc de Cartier, created in honor of the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont – famous screws. Each collection is unique, contains many unusual spectacle materials such as fine wood, leather, precious metals and even buffalo horn.

Panthere de Cartier

Luxury Sunglasses Cartier
Elegant sunglasses oval or rectangular-oval shape, decorated with three-dimensional images of house symbol – the Panthers. Light and feminine, eye-catching. The arms are of platinum and gold details in the decoration, also used composite materials. A huge number of lens shades, here, perhaps, there is every color. One of the highlights of memorable collections with its own unique style.

Trinity de Cartie

Trinity de Cartier
Stylish concise frame, mainly wine-colored, but there is also a model in tortoiseshell frame, and the frame is strictly black. Form Trinity de Cartie can be anything: round, rectangular or oval. Finish gold plated or palladium, in several colors. Solar control glass graduated shading, gray and brown. Interlocking rings balances boldness and audacity of the collection, giving it feminine. It looks elegant and luxurious!