The Main Trends. The New Season Of Fashion Watch

Automatic winding rotor, which is usually modestly hiding under the back cover of the watch, Dior is not just handed down on the dial, but also made the main decorative element.


This year, the rotors, inlaid with mother of pearl, diamonds and colored stones, reminiscent of the pleating flowing lines and couture dresses.

Among the most spectacular models – trendy Dior VIII Grand Bal Cancan with dials and rotors, made in the technique of marquetry or mosaic. Not made of wood – the usual material for marquetry and feather. The color gamut is, as always in the line of Grand Bal, refers to the seasonal couture collection.

Carving on mother of pearl

watch 2016

Animalistic theme – one of the most beloved and recognizable at the Paris House of Boucheron. This year’s figures of swans of black and white diamonds appeared on the paired bracelets and rings that can be worn together or separately. Also decorated carved from black and white mother of pearl dials Epure d’Art Cypris.

Snow setting

watch 2016

The title of one of the most sophisticated techniques of installing gemstones Snow Setting, or serti neige, literally translated as “snow tack.” Its main difference – in the use of precious stones of different diameters (in the case of jewelery trendy watches Rendes-Vous Moon, Jaeger-LeCoultre, – also of different colors), which are fixed close to each other without a predetermined scheme. Jeweller is guided only by their experience and sense of beauty, and every instance he created – is unique.

Guilloche on nacre

watch 2016

Once Abraham-Louis Breguet Guilloche used to disguise scratches on the case. Today guilloche – engraved lines of rhythmically repetitive – one of the most traditional techniques of the dial decoration. In the jewelry model Perles Impériales, Breguet, decorated with pearl Akoya and diamonds, the dial is made of mother of pearl, and the guilloche pattern resembles the exquisite embroidery.

Lacquered and inlaying of nacre

watch 2016

For Jaquet Droz source of inspiration was the traditional Korean technique “nadzhon chhilgi” inlaying varnish surface with mother of pearl. Nacre engraved and painted by hand, and then pattern again varnished. The result – a gentle, flickering glow, thanks to which the new model of the line Petite Heure Minute and called Thousand Year Lights ( «Fires of thousands of years”).

Notched Enamel

watch 2016

Manufacture Ulysse Nardin from year to year and improving technique of cloisonne enamel notched. Last traditionally decorates the watch from the Classico «Symbols of the Year” with the signs of the Chinese zodiac calendar. For the new Year of the Monkey was chosen monochrome palette: engraved line drawing is filled with black enamel, which glows golden monkey circuit.

Notched and Stained Enamel

watch 2016
To create a romantic model Lady Arpels Jour Nuit Fée Ondine have been used several techniques métiers d’arts, including engraving, miniature painting, and two types of enamel – notched and stained glass. The clock continues to favorite House of Van Cleef & Arpels theme “poetic complex functions”: mother of pearl dial with diamond disc moon and sun of yellow sapphires makes one turn in 24 hours, serving as an indicator of time of day.

Grand Feu Enamel


Swiss Manufacture Bovet recently started cooperation with the Russian jeweler Ilgiz Fazulzyanovym, a perfect command of technique and enamel painting “hot enamel» grand feu.

Enamel  Granulation

watch 2016

Each year the trendy house of Cartier has represent  collections of  watches of various  métiers d’arts, referring to the traditional crafts or inventing new ones. For granulation, beloved by the ancient Etruscans, masters of Cartier has been accessed. And now decided to combine this technique and enamel, replacing the tiny gold beads with tiny beads of colored enamel. Of these balls performed panther image – the sign of the animal for the House of Cartier, – which is adorned face new watch Ballon Bleu de Cartier Enamel Granulation, released just 30 copies.

Lacquered miniature

watch 2016

Theme gardens, favorite the Bulgari, appeared on the watch collection from Lucea. On the mother of pearl dial with applied lacquer miniature pictures of flowers and birds, fluttering in the Garden of Eden. However, lush decor – not the only thing that can boast Lucea Il Giardino Paradiso: in white gold case counts minutes manufactory mechanism with tourbillon.

Weaving and inlaying of nacre

watch 2016

Harry Winston brand has already demonstrated the ability to make marquetry of butterfly wings and cut the lace pattern of pearl. Models Premier Precious Weaving Automatic 36mm used a rare combination of techniques – traditional Japanese pearl inlay called “raden” and weave a silk thread.

A Miniature Sculpture

watch 2016

Scenes of with Chinese-Coromandel screens that adorned Paris apartment Gabrielle Chanel, has repeatedly reproduced on the clock dial – in the techniques of enamel glyptic, miniature sculpture. This time the wizard went even further. New Mademoiselle Privé Coromandel Flying Birds decorated with three-dimensional images of trees and birds – with flowers carved mother of pearl and branches and birds figures from the company “beige gold.”


watch 2016

Last year Hublot Big Bang Broderie awarded the main prize watchmaking Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève as the best women’s watches. All thanks to the unique embroideries, made by craftsmen from the old studio Bischoff in Swiss St. Gallen and integrated into the dial and strap Hublot manufacture – a special technology that protects the delicate decor of any mechanical damage. The new models Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull steel colored embroidery, and the depth and brightness of the colors highlighted red spinel, pink and blue sapphires.