The Most Fashionable Jewelry Of Summer 2016: Time To Shine!

It is hard to imagine a girl who has no jewelry. Jewelry and various jewelry – is an integral part and a worthy addition to any image. But, as in clothing or shoes in fashion jewelry every season there are new tendencies of fashion and trends.

fashionable jewelry of Summer 2016

Fashion Jewellery of Spring-Summer  2016 which can be seen on the fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London, democratic and diverse.

Fashionable bracelets for summer 2016

Now very popular bracelets of fantastic shapes. It can be a bracelet in the form of a nail, an infinity sign, tied the knot, etc. As mentioned above, it is best to wear a lot of bracelets at once. Also, the bracelets will be a wonderful addition to the wristwatches.
Of course, bracelets – it’s a summer version, as their winter uncomfortable to wear because of the clothing.

According to our observations, the past few seasons and bracelets are very popular among fashionistas. Most likely, deliberately or unconsciously, they thus draw attention to your hands to body, which is something more than the biological tool, and in fact – the most “speaking” means of expressing feelings.

Fashionable bracelets Spring-Summer 2016 by Chanel
This is such a white or black metal – smooth or consisting several chains and interspersed with pearls – Bracelets have been at the  Chanel  show.

Chanel 2016


Leather Bracelets Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016
Commenting on the spring-summer 2016 collection of Louis Vuitton, the brand’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière said: “We all live in a new measurement, and we integrate virtual reality into our
everyday life. ” Perhaps that is why this collection of Fashion House was simultaneously a organic – designer used only natural materials – leather, satin, denim, and futuristic – from the point of
processing of these same materials.

Louis Vuitton 2016


They satisfy both the taste of lovers concise detail and strict geometrical shapes, as well as those who prefer sophisticated contours and lots and lots of glitter. In general, see for yourself and decide what you need and what is not. The best fashion jewelry and jewelry – earrings, bracelets, necklaces of season in front of you.

Generally, the most fashionable and “loud” accessory of the season Spring-Summer 2016
we can assume that it is – earrings. The designers offer a variety of statement earrings – big, long earrings that set the tone for the whole image.

Fashionable earrings Spring-Summer 2016 by Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta has deduced on catwalk models in earrings of amazing beauty, which can become a bright accent of quiet everyday image. They are made of the democratic materials from “threads of and brushes.” These stylish earrings, you can pick up the tone of  dress or vice versa, add a color contrast. And so long earrings evening just hypnotized, they are impossible to take your eyes off. So – it is impossible take eyes off you!

Oscar de la Renta 2016Oscar de la Renta 2016

Fashion earrings from Céline for Spring-Summer 2016
The fashion house Celine in his usual manner of minimalism and austerity forms offers for spring-summer 2016 fashion earrings the laconic. It is possible wear two different earring simultaneously .


The openwork Earrings Rodarte for spring and summer and chic
Gypsy style – is a style too, if you know how to create your image. To follow the rules of fashion, taste needed, but in order to be effectively broken, you just need to order more flavor. Openwork earrings in conjunction with the equally openwork and theater pins for hair – also the trend of spring-summer 2016. Try it !

Earrings collection of Prada Spring Summer 2016
Fashion earrings at Prada as if collected from the French on tracing paper on a master class by handmade. The current trend of the spring and summer of 2016 0% pathos, 100% style!

Prada 2016