Legends Of Style: Prada Double Bag

Unique, functional, easy … We found a few good reasons to make the Prada Double Bag in the list of masterpieces of the Italian House.

Prada Double 2016

Took for the reins of the House in their hands in 1978, Miuccia Prada once thought of her new motto – “Avoid nostalgia in every possible way.”

In the entire history of the brand, this rule is not violated – such as an innovator like Miuccia, in a fashion not found. Even taking as a basis the legendary invention of his grandfather Mario Prada – Saffiano skin, it creates a whole new accessory such as the Prada Double Bag.

Just make a reservation: this bag is a relatively new one. It was first released in February 2014, and during that short time it had become a legend of the Italian House. The key to success bags – in its structure, and convenient and superfunctional.

Italian House

Firstly, they are two equally important branches, allowing to organize all the content, and do not mix, for example, business papers with personal belongings. Secondly, with the valve pocket. It seems to be nothing unusual, the pockets can be found on all the bags. But Prada Double it is located exactly in the middle, on the dividing panel, so you can quickly get out of it all, you need: phone, lipstick, passport or the right. Magnetic closure of the valve also saves time compared to the traditional “lightning.”

original bag

Weightlessness  is one more advantage of Prada Double. This effect is achieved through a combination of nappa leather lining and leather Saffiano Cuir, which is made from the front side of the bag. By the way, the material – this is the link that connects the present House of Prada with his past. The first bags Mario Prada began to build in 1914.

Prada Double 2016

The skin of the calf, from which they were made, featured a special embossing, by which she was called Saffiano. At first glance it seems that Prada Double is made of a skin. But here in the House did not exactly quote the past: Saffiano Cuir different larger embossing pattern and an additional top layer of processing it is absent.