The Show Of Victoria Beckham At New York Fashion Week

In this season Victoria Beckham continues to explore the possibility of tailoring and drapery, faithful to the pure colors (even floral prints and the strip is limited up to three shades).


But adding rich texture: thick silk and velvet, which looks particularly good in pleated technology.

Victoria Beckham presented at Fashion Week in New York her collection Spring/Summer 2017, which has been very unusual and bold.
One of the most successful contemporary designers every season surprises fashion experts and own fans with his creativity. Just a few years ago, she has brought into fashion feminine tight dresses, and then erected in the cult of sports suit, and later – the men wardrobe. What pleased Victoria for SPRING/SUMMER 2017 season?

Victoria Beckham at the outset of his career, was knitting a course on minimalism and constructivism. Actually, a designer, and to this day continues to hold the selected style.

Silk pantsuits with bra – top is an indication that “pajama” trend is gaining momentum again. Key accessories collection: bags on a wide belt that looks like part of the dress, leather handbags soft form and high boots.

In the final outputs of Victoria Beckham in every season, you can trace the evolution of her style. It seems, the iron lady finally moved to the side of the comfort and abandoned the strict stud and dresses, sheaths in favor of relaxed things like a man’s shoulder.

The main line materials became velvet. As Beckham said in an interview The Telegraph edition, for her work with this fabric has become a kind of test.

“I always try to find some difficulty for myself and my team at creation of the next collection. Such a challenge, if you will. Now it became velvet, with whom I worked for a very long time. Velvet has always seemed to me heavy and old-fashioned, but as it turned out, it performs well in bright colors “- she said

Speaking of color, the former “peppercorn” added to the collection of several velvet sets of pearl and lavender shades – they looked really very fresh and not old-fashioned. The key subject of the fashionable collection 2017 SPRINGSUMMER became bras in a completely different variations: designer changed shape and color depending on the overall style of each onion. The images created by Victoria looked very sensual and seductive.

However, Beckham gave herself a completely different definition of sexy outfits. “Sexuality lies in the fact what and how you wear, how confident do you feel in the selected set.
Clothing should be sexual and to emphasize dignity. I’ve always said that any clothes should flatter. I want to make a woman look and feel the best version of themselves “, – she told the Star in the same interview.

The new collection will go on sale only at the beginning of 2017, but Victoria Beckham happy to wear her creations prior to the official start of sales. She went to the bow after the show in bulk blouse and trousers free cut, which complemented the sandals on a flat sole. Prior to fashion show paparazzi have noticed Victoria in the streets of New York in another image, much more delicate and feminine. Her choice fell on the dress, decorated with symbolic floral print from the new collection.

Beckham family is gaining the fashion world as a whole. A few hours before the show in Victoria instagrame photograph appeared touching cards from her children with a wish of success. to support the designer came to her husband David Beckham and son Brooklyn.