The trend of Spring / Summer 2016: Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses – accessory for all times. From season to season, designers offer the most different variants, from the most unexpected forms to a new interpretation of the classics. In the spring-summer collections Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani turned to the classics: the brands presented a model that will suit for going out with friends, and for a romantic date, and for the social event.spring_summer sunglasses

Gucci, Stella McCartney and Emilio Pucci offered more extravagant sunglasses options. Designers courageously play with form and color. Lenses, covering half of the face or the rim, which is more like eyeglasses from a a chemical laboratory – there are no restrictions in this season.

Round sunglasses for Spring-Summer 2016

The first trend, typical for fashionable sunglasses spring and summer of 2016 – is rounded shape.

Already for three season glasses rounded shapes are in a trend. Popular models in a minimalist style, and more extravagant and massive variations.

“Cat’s Eye” – Sunglasses Summer 2016

  Next topical trend, which will appear in the coming season – a stylish sunglasses Spring-Summer 2016 in the style of “cat’s eye”.

Designers of such models of sunglasses certainly inspired by the eyes of their domestic favorite pets. Both of models sporty and classical are in trend, and  made in a similar style. The most successful model was represented by such brands as Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera, Charlotte Ronson, Fendi.

eyeglasses 2016

Fashion sunglasses for Spring-Summer 2016: the avant-garde style

Another trend that sets the tone of fashionable glasses of spring/summer 2016  is a large-sized forms and a maximum of darkness!

In the upcoming season at the peak of popularity will be a not only clothes in “oversize” style, but also glasses. It seems that this trend is so pleased with the designers, they spread it on the accessories.

Color range

By the way, if you focus on the colors, typical for lenses and frames of fashionable glasses of the spring-summer  season 2016, we can see that almost all the collections are found the traditional model, equipped with dark lenses in a similar dark (black) frame.

However, in addition to the classic black, at the peak of popularity would be also bright models presented almost all the colors of the rainbow. Thus, you can choose on which side you stay: in the dark or bright.

Sunglasses Frames

Variety of frames – another notable trend, which gives very futuristic look to spring and summer of 2016 glasses.

With extravagant forms designers managed to achieve truly amazing effect. In sucg style of  glasses the owner often reminds “The guest from the future”!


Bright and contrasting prints – is another trend, which is clearly seen in the collections of the upcoming season.In the trend are geometric and animal prints on the frame sunglasses. Thus, summing up, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that the upcoming fashion season is really “hot” in the original decision.