Accessories (jewelry) from prom night 2016

Accessories for prom is very important. They not only set the tone for a selected image, but also to complement it, making total image.

prom accessories 2016

Choose the colors, the shape of each detail and stylistic direction is necessary, depending on the most important thing – the color and style of dress.


Women’s watch is not just an accessory hat adds fashion look or a device that shows the time. It is very important detail in the wardrobe of every woman. It can show modern women fashion style so how clothes and shoes do it. So it is very important to choice a right watch.


From large number of  watches, with different texture, design, color and firm, in 2016 women prefer modest and simple one! This season will be trendy a large clock with internal mechanical device.

Fashionable swimsuits Bando 2016 – 50th returning

The Bandeau Swimsuit made a revolution in the world of beach fashion in the 50’s of previous century. Before the advent of style swimwear was something like a closed model or pure suits that not only hides the form, but also hindered the full tan. Despite the fact that in 50’s Bandeau swimwear  considered too frivolous and provocative.

bandeau swimsuit 2016 copy

But they quickly gained deserved fame and still not lose its relevance, as evidenced by the fashion collections of 2016 from leading brands. In article you can see the main swimsuit trends of season.

Fashion Jewellery Spring/Summer 2016: bracelets and necklaces

If you follow all the fashionable trends and keep a hand on the pulse of fashion, then you just need to know what kind of fashion jewelry spring and summer of 2016 will be at the peak of popularity. Complementing their collections and inserting into them the finishing touch with fashionable jewelry spring and summer 2016, designers from Giorgio Armani and Derek Lam paid special attention to fashionable 2016

A distinctive feature of them is that they are imbued with the spirit “of the ancient charm.”

Fashionable handbags: Spring/Summer 2016

Continuing review of trends specific to the coming season, we want to talk in more detail about what handbags will be fashionable for spring-summer 2016. Fashionable handbags spring-summer 2016: large or small? In the upcoming season on popularity peak will be small versions of fashionable handbags, which are not hung up on his shoulder but worn in hands.  The most interesting models in a similar style represented such brands as Versace, Diane Von Furstenberg, Rochas and Prada.

bags 2016

Bag “suitcase”

Another noticeable trend of the upcoming season, typical for fashionable handbags Spring / Summer of 2016. This model in “suitcase” style. Despite the fact that the main scenario of of using such bags is associated with the business, they may be relevant in other situations and images.

The trend of Spring / Summer 2016: Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses – accessory for all times. From season to season, designers offer the most different variants, from the most unexpected forms to a new interpretation of the classics. In the spring-summer collections Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani turned to the classics: the brands presented a model that will suit for going out with friends, and for a romantic date, and for the social event.spring_summer sunglasses

Gucci, Stella McCartney and Emilio Pucci offered more extravagant sunglasses options. Designers courageously play with form and color. Lenses, covering half of the face or the rim, which is more like eyeglasses from a a chemical laboratory – there are no restrictions in this season.


Ear-shandeliers, which are popular a few seasons ago, returning this spring in a new way. In addition to the classical open-work models futuristic ones are also fashionable. Those wonderful times are returning in a fashion  when long earrings were able to turn you into an object of everyone’s attention at the party. Definitely one of the top trends of of Spring – earrings up to the shoulders.

jewelry 2016


Bright, massive and glittering with all the colors of the rainbow – steeldecoration of many collections of leading designers from Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen and Gucci till Alexander Wang, Marni, Rosie Assoulin and many others. It is not necessary to limit your wardrobe with evening dress code which include earrings shoulder-length. Long earrings, especially minimalistic drops and architectural spiral perfectly suited to strict trouser suit for the office and to the conservative dress, 

Fashion Women Hats for the Fall/Winter 2016

Every woman regardless of season and weather variability, should always look beautiful and elegant. Outdoors in winter or cool autumn to create a unique image through clothing can only be through outerwear. But this is not an obstacle to real outstanding personality. After all, designers and fashion designers work all year round, so that we had from which to choose. You only have to find its own version of among all this limitless stream of fashion trends. Then in scoring will be your personality, sense of style, and you’ll look fashionable.

street mode

Fashionable women’s hats 2016 for summer and autumn

The latest trends will leave nobody indifferent. All the more so, the designers offered several styles and trends in fashion hats 2016. Everyone can find a model of their tastes. Will be glad both, fans of classics and fans of casual. Even some new ideas will make your own look newly. Hats firmly entrenched in the urban fashion three years ago.

summer hat

Victoria’s Secret Swimwear: 2016 Collection

The new Victoria’s Secret collection of swimwear opens beach spring-summer season 2016. Beach fashion new season promises to be very bright and varied. A new Victoria’s Secret collection of swimwear in 2016 belongs to the most spectacular and enchanting collections for beach season. These bathing suits make you feel at a height under the scorching sun by the sea. Bright, stylish and high-quality model not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also cheer up their colorful variety.

victorias-secret 2016