Giorgio Armani Brand has launched a new advertising campaign

Various real images appear in all its uniqueness, complemented by iconic models of glasses from Giorgio Armani. Tense expectation before the important moments that require extreme emotional upheaval and the highest concentration, combines stories of five new stars who participated in the Frames of Life campaign from Giorgio Armani in 2016. Stories of new heroes of seem very distant from one another – not only geographically, but also in relation to the interests and lifestyle. And still they all share an incredible passion for their own professions.

Giorgio Armani New Frames

Christian Louboutin released a ballet shoes collection

Spring takes its rights. Finally, you can remove the boots and recall about your favorite light shoes. In the warm season, in spite of everything, ballet shoes remain a favorite of women. Comfortable, fashionable, romantic, practical – these are the main advantages of this accessory. And recently they even lengthen the legs, just like your favorite high-heeled shoes!  The idea to create the visual effect of long legs came a designer in 2013, when he released the ballet shoes  called “Nudes”. They are suitable for women of all skin colors – from pale porcelain to dark chocolate.  They are so closely resemble in color to the human skin, that seems as they are its continuation.

Christian Louboutin ballet-flats-collection

New colorful fashion challenges from Apple and Hermes

In addition to the already-available colors the tech-watch comes in (specifically brown, gray, black, red and blue). The whole media consentrait their attention to Apple and Hermès. Since April 19th, leather bands iconic Apple, Hermes watches will not be sold only individually, but also will comprise a wider  range of colors.

Apple Hermes Watch

You’ll have a big opportunity  to fit  watch to the clothes. At the same time, first time  ever in history of Apple, all of the various Hermès leather bands will be sold separately in some Apple shopes, Hermès shopes and of course on the brand’s websites.