How To Wear A Skirt In The Winter And Not To Freeze.

The winter is a period of dense woolen trousers and jeans? Oh, no! No one prevents us from wearing skirts and dresses, 365 days a year, including the coldest months – January and February.


Don’t you think so? Then try to convince you.

Coat Of Sandy And Graphite Shades – The Basis Of The Autumn Wardrobe

In the autumn is not so important how gorgeous your outfit if outerwear is far from perfect. Therefore it is necessary to chose fashionable coat.


And this season it is important to make the biggest bet, not only on sandy shades, but also in graphite and pastel colors.

The Main Trends Of Office Style Fashion

Returning from vacation to work is carried with difficulty. And not only psychologically. Many also do not have time to prepare a wardrobe for the seasons change and update it by several key trendy things .


We chose the main trends of Office style fashion 2016 that would be nice to fill up a wardrobe in the autumn.

The Main Thing About The New Collection Of Miu Miu

Miu Miu show was the final at the Paris Fashion Week, the last of the big four. Like many other collections, this was yet another confirmation of the fact that the concept of seasonality is no longer applicable to fashion.


Coat-gowns, made of colored fur are looking avant-garde in the company of slippers and extravagant hats of flowers, more like a swimming cap.

7 Mistakes In Choosing Clothes That Prevent Us Look Slimmer

One can endlessly engaged in the gym, there is only green apples, jogging in the morning and get the figure of dream, and then in a jiffy to spoil her clothes. And it is possible have a couple of minor flaws that with proper selection of clothes will be looked advantageously and fashionable.


We have compiled tips on how to lose a few kilos for two minutes, only to choose the right wardrobe.

Accessorize Represents A New Advertising Campaign With Dree Hemingway

The famous brand Accessorize demonstrated a new advertising campaign Autumn-Winter 2016/17, where the main role performed Dree Hemingway.


Dree is granddaughter of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and niece of supermodel of 70s Margaux Hemingway.

Dree’s famous great-grandfather wrote the book “A Moveable Feast,” Ernest Hemingway talked about Paris, but for the eternal feast Dree has become fashion. In the new season of Top Model has become the face of the popular brand Accessorize. Known not only because of their loud names, but no less high-profile projects, it easily transforms and brings its own special charm in each of their works.

Dree Hemingway, actress and model with 33 million Twitter followers and 107,000 followers Instagram. Ona is now playing a major role in Accessorize autumn / winter 2016 campaign. With a lot of interesting looks, a lot of deep colors and interesting textures, great design and the use of Dree Hemingway, Accessorize has made quite a punch. Influence of fashion is clear and the overall effect is stunning.

If you are not familiar with Accessorize, they are well named providers almost any accessory you could want in a variety of styles at reasonable and affordable rates. They have everything from kid’s section to the event section. For those who know about Accessorize, they knew that you could, of course, to finish the outfit with the products that they offer, but now they want everyone to know that they can complete the look. From hair accessories to shoes, Accessorize has you covered.

The abundance of products and options shown during the whole campaign Accessorize Autumn / Winter 2016 always revolve around Dree, never burdening her. That is something fantastic. In an attempt to show the accessories, many overzealous campaign, making them look gaudy or piled on. Accessorize did the opposite. Each well-appointed, and looks fantastic in its place. Dree looks effortless and stylishness in many photographs and diligently put together well in others.

Some images featured Dree under a lot of bags and other products have shown its environment as if it opened a lot of presents. All these pictures have more in common than Accessorize and Dree Hemingway – they look like fun. She is surrounded by perfectly concerted gifts that vary from hats to shoes, or standing under several shopping bags, which range in size and color. They are normally working well with each other and the background.


Everything that is fashionable and interesting, and which accessories should be. Accessorize Autumn / Winter 2016 collection features deep and rich colors in luxury settings. Dree Hemingway looks stunning in royal blue and gold suit with a nice suitable scarf, hat, shoes and bags.

Accessorize is going to to show that they provide much more than just a cute little accessories.  The look is fully implemented. Details are the perfect kind of matching elements.

Advertising campaign created by photographer Sean Thomas. Dree Hemingway try on the image of the new collection Accessorize, which placed the emphasis on the main trends and must-haves of the season: handbags of eccentric design, which boldly blended colors and textures, personalized key rings, playful accessories from the eco-fur, bright decorations, amulets and elegant scarves.

The British company Monsoon Accessorize brings together two brands – Monsoon and Accessorize. Today the the network has more than 1,100 stores in Europe and Asia.

Image of the Day: Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen

Just look, that is the outfit of the Duchess of Cambridge during an official visit to Canada.

Kate Middleton

On the weekend Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Canada with an official visit. Weekly tour of the country has become another occasion to discuss an elegant wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge.

She continues to support British designers . So, on one of the 30 scheduled events royal spouses mom of  heirs to the throne, arrived in a dress Alexander McQueen – closed white dress with red embroidery and contrasting perforation. It is so trendy and fantastic.

In the choice of accessories Kate stopped on shoes and clutches in the tone of embroidery and decorations from wearing laconic pearl earrings, constant watch Cartier and luxurious engagement ring with sapphire, which does not leave for a minute.

Kate Middleton’s hair is traditionally laid large waves and makeup done accent on eyes with black eyeliner and mascara volumetric.

Kate Middleton

Couple boarded a seaplane from Victoria to Vancouver, where they were met by thousands of well-wishers who had gathered on a cool, damp morning to catch their first glimpse of the royals. Huge crowds had turned out at the harbour side to catch a glimpse of the British royals despite the drizzly weather, and both William and Kate were clearly touched by the warm welcome they received as they emerged from the aircraft.

So the Duchess was in a bespoke Alexander McQueen, version of the dress from the trendy resort 2017 collection. Not only was she returning to a favored designer, she was also going back to one of her favorite textiles, broderie anglaise. A closer look at the fabric. Broderie Anglaise is the material that we have already seen wear the princess with a certain frequency. So, we have dedicated a large part of the office with a fondness for Kate textiles. Below you can see the origins of Kate dress.

The Velvet season 2017

Thanks to the efforts of fashion designers again managed to return into fashion velvet and inhale the in the heavy fabric ease and elegance. Henceforth luxurious material is at the peak of its popularity, becoming a universal cloth for any outfit.


Previously, it could only afford reigning persons. At all times, velvet treated expensive fabrics.

Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Having left last cosmology, which Mary Katrantzou dedicated collection Spring-Summer 2016 designer easily switched to pop art and American Western of 50s.


During the eight years of the brand’s British designer of Greek origin and a graduate of Central Saint Martins made a name for herself thanks to the bright prints, deservedly became queen in the original print patterns on the fabric.

Whenever Mary Katrantzou is on the stage, to be ready to blink, feeling like you are suffering some visual problems and end up in some deep psychedelic trance. And when all this is accompanied by a multitude of mirrors, reflecting the trompe l’oeil prints, the effect only twice more than it was in the spring / summer 2017 runway show Mary Katrantzou held in Brewer Street car park Soho on September 18, on the third day of London Fashion Week .

The designer of Greek origin with a blind eye to the fact that she was physically in London with her team of model, thus, mental and spiritual tortuous among Greek labyrinths involved in the chariot races and side by side with Minoan women. The new collection was clearly an ode to her roots. It is attempt to come to us through her memory lane, the coup visually narrate the Greek history and culture.

“It was indeed personal collection”,- said Mary Katrantzou. “I tend to be increasingly abstract in my approach, but this time I would like to look at my roots – and deface picture with something that was op-art and psychedelic.”

Mary Katrantzou Spring / Summer 2017 collection has been specially designed to show all the good looks of the fusion of colors and prints, seasoned Greek culture episodes.

The show with colorful prints in the shape of a rhombus in psychedelic arrangements interspersed with Greek images of Greek mythology characters, and chariot drivers. Amazing change of dress, retro style flaring trousers or paired with tunics or blazers were soon to follow dress calf length of the tube all covered with alternating Hellenic engravings that were somehow bounding gait patterns. Once everything is in the style of Mary Katrantzou is a tough nut to crack!

Then came a unique section on long-sleeved printed sweatshirt worn over dresses tubes strapped.
In Breezy flower-petal skirt imitating blue and yellow were added treat doses in the air, along with the Minoan women images as the more eloquent agents. And if you have a yen for some of the more fragile items, these mosaics sparkles treasure with some of the corrugated hanging should cover the basics.

By the end of Mary Katrantzou Spring 2017 runway show was just gorgeous factor to move forward and upward to the result that we think a couple of floor scraping peplum skirt in green and blue prints with bodices that display stunning embroidery women and birds. There were also some unique combinations gypsy style tulle skirt teamed with printed panels with an embroidered blazers and amazing black layered skirt.

You want to be a predictable woman? You obviously wrong tree. You want to be a woman making a splash? Mary Katrantzou just your cup of tea!

Guess Introduced The Unisex Collection HIS AND HERS

The brand for the production of denim is launching a new line this fall. Brand Guess, known for its denim products, launches a collection of His and Hers. As the name suggests, the line is designed for both men and women.


In the assortment of basic models, executed in monochrome and neutral shades. Special mention “deserves” the quality of the fashionable collection.