Fashionable and stylish Selena Gomez. Always in trend

Selena Gomez – one of the few young celebrities, which is always pleasant to watch. The singer does not shock the public with wild antics, does not appear in public in extravagant things and in the end, always looks neat.
Selena Gomez

The fan feminine dresses, it will give preference to narrow skirts and cropped top than jeans and T-shirts stretched. However, this young fashion-shy may be surprising!

Alber Elbaz: the best images of the the starс in designer’s outfits

One of the most charming and chief designers of high fashion ladies’ man, Alber Elbaz became the creative director of the French House of Lanvin in 2001 – after a series of successful collections for Krizia, Yves Saint Laurent and Guy Laroche.

Alber Elbaz collection

“Clothes should not cry … It has to disappear, leaving you in the spotlight.”

Alber Elbaz

Fashionable business dresses Spring/Summer 2016

When the task is to choose an outfit for the office, find a harmonious combination of the restraint and style is not always easy. To attach the image of rigor and femininity, fashion creators constantly introduce into their creations fresh ideas and effectively transform the classical techniques.

dress code 2016

Carry out a small tour of the new collections of famous brands and a look at what are seen fashion business dresses spring/summer 2016 leading designers.

Trendy Jeans – Summer 2016

We have long been liked jeans and literally can not do without them. Jeans are versatile, convenient, beautiful, sexy, fashionable and feminine. They help us out in any situation and under any circumstances.

trendy jeans

Therefore, this type of clothing is in the wardrobe of every representative of the fairer sex. And what a pleasure: for every season, designers offer new models.

Women’s trousers: an overview of fashionable tendencies of 2016

With the arrival of each season we surprise the new models, incredible colors and original decor of trendy trousers offered by designers. An upcoming 2016 was not an exception , which brought new trends in the “trouser” fashion. With the arrival of each season we surprise the new models, incredible colors and original decor of trendy trousers offered by designers.

women trousers 2016

Was not an exception an upcoming in 2016, brought new trends in the “trouser” fashion. Let us know what trousers should replenish your wardrobe to be a trend in the coming year.

Beach fashion 2016: bags, shoes, hats, tunics, dresses, sundresses(photo)

Fashion designers have again come up with a lot of novelties for the summer 2016. Beach fashion allows anything this summer! Dresses, tunics of different styles and different directions. Long to the floor or quite short, with prints and without, bright and plain, the figure, dense and very transparent, smooth and decor.

beach fashion 2016

In a word, from the variety of the models you can easily choose for themselves what would be nice to spend a vacation on the beach .

Summer dresses 2016: the most beautiful and fashionable models

The summer promises to be hot. And the reason is not only the weather, but also seasonal collections which designers have prepared to us. In them femininity reigns in all its versatility and beautiful summer dress in 2016, among which we are asked to make a choice. Virtually all global brands addressed their collection to a true connoisseur of good style, fine-versed in fashion.

платья 2016

Therefore, there is none strict prohibitions or recommendations in the season. Just own delicate taste and knowledge of trends – everything you need to make the right choice.

Trends of fashionable colors-spring/summer 2016

Before you start creating your wardrobe for the new season, we offer to find out what fashion colors for spring-summer 2016 will be at the epicenter of fashion. The upcoming season promises to be rich in all kinds of fashionable colors and shades that gives us endless possibilities for the preparation of costumes combinations.

Snorkel Blue 2016

So, before you top fashion colors for spring-summer 2016 on the version of  the Pantone!

Trendy colors of spring-summer 2016: A riot of colors and classic

Fashion brands have already managed to demonstrate to the public the collection of spring-summer season 2016 is the time to see the fashionable colors of spring-summer 2016 season, which may appear in the wardrobes of fashionistas very soon. American experts from the The Pantone Color Institute named samye modnye shades of spring and summer 2016.

spring summer 2016

The color scheme includes colors that are close to nature, reminiscent of the greenery, sea spray and ripe fruit.

Classic blue color
Another topical color of the upcoming season. The blue color is usually in a given shade is in the list of popular every season. However, in the upcoming season it will be actual in its original form. The classic blue color is reflected in the collections of fashion designers from Pamella Roland, Emporio Armani, Ermanno Scervino.

Angelina Jolie’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Amazing Oscar-winning actress, one of the most beautiful and talented female in the world, who has a brood of six children with her husband Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie always finds time for her look! She always charms on the red carpet!


Jolie seems to have the most elegant wardrobe, cause she always looks very feminine and the same time astonishes with her alluring and sexy look.