A New Collection Of Shoes Of Christian Louboutin: “Oh You Pretty Things”

Christian Louboutin introduced a new collection entitled “Oh You Pretty things”. Designer has inspired
bohemian atmosphere of Parisian nightlife during the era of disco.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin collection autumn-winter 2016/17 was very personal: during the designer revisited in times of of his youth.

Jennifer Lopez And Giuseppe Zanotti Have Created Together A Collection Of Shoes 2016

On the account the trendy Jennifer Lopez – hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pairs of shoes. Without exaggeration. It would be fair to call it a shoe expert.

giuseppe-for J.Lo

In the shoes and sandals Jennifer understands better than many and certainly knows the recipe for the perfect pair and willing to share.

Rainbow Hues: New Trendy Shoes For This Season!

The weather is finally warming up and everybody of us starting thinking about what to wear.  What shoes are trendy and comfortable for this summer! It’s definitely time to help yourself about which trends you like!



We pulled out some colorful, dreamy and daring shoes, trends you  need to know and provided your shopping.

Suede from Louboutin : fashionable shoes and boots

The brand has never hidden its belonging to the class of “luxury”. Suede – one of the most complex materials in the care and sewing of shoes, which is why many brands simply try to avoid it. The complexity of manufacturing, selection, uniformly coloration and even the laying of pile – a very good reason not do it at all. That is why most of the brands  ignore this material so carefully. But only not Christian Louboutin.

Louboutin shoes

Once he  made a bet is on luxury, so Louboutin suede – his branded models.

These shoes are produced in extremely limited parties and is more expensive than leather. There is no doubt in convenience of these models, for none of those who wear the originals. 

Christian Louboutin released a ballet shoes collection

Spring takes its rights. Finally, you can remove the boots and recall about your favorite light shoes. In the warm season, in spite of everything, ballet shoes remain a favorite of women. Comfortable, fashionable, romantic, practical – these are the main advantages of this accessory. And recently they even lengthen the legs, just like your favorite high-heeled shoes!  The idea to create the visual effect of long legs came a designer in 2013, when he released the ballet shoes  called “Nudes”. They are suitable for women of all skin colors – from pale porcelain to dark chocolate.  They are so closely resemble in color to the human skin, that seems as they are its continuation.

Christian Louboutin ballet-flats-collection

Trendy sandals of the summer season 2016

Sandals are considered to be the most popular shoe of the summer season. They can be worn with almost any outfit. They are so popular that the ladies all over the world looking in the magazines and news information about the novelties.

sandals 2016

What kind of sandals will be popular in the spring and summer of 2016?