Intimissimi Presented A Commemorative Collection Of Lingerie

Тhis year the Italian brand Intimissimi celebrates the 20th anniversary – round date was marked by the release of a special collection of underwear, this time set up in collaboration with well-known brand Lycra®.


The main feature of the Jubilee line has become a high-tech lace which perfectly holds its shape and does not stretch.

12 Sexiest Swimsuits Of Summer 2016

We are going to represent you all the trends of beachwear this season. Whether you like Victoria’s Secret as we love this brand?

Sexiest Swimsuits 2016

Like it or not, but in the summer there is nothing better than simple and sometimes even unpretentious but vibrant, vital, figure flattering swimwear or simulating it with the correct push-up.

The Hottest Trends From The Beach Fashion Week In Miami /2016/

In Miami, hosted the annual Week of beachwear, swimwear where designers presented their collections summer season 2017. Despite the fact that these things can be bought only in the following year, the trends of the collections are relevant now.


So choose swimwear to your taste and become the most stylish on the beach!

Fashionable Summer Swimwear 2016.

The era  of maximum naked body coming to an end and, increasingly, designers are offering us dress in a closed swimwear. At the same time, some swimsuits fused much more tempting then the whole body bikini. And thanks to modern possibilities of the technology to dream up with fabrics, decor and colors are becoming much more widely. In fact, beachwear absorbed a number of general trends that are observed in the rest of the wardrobe, but overall relaxing soul show in sunny Miami, is fundamentally different from the other shows.

swimwear 2016

Let’s see how see the summer 2016 leading lawmakers beachwear.

Beach fashion 2016: bags, shoes, hats, tunics, dresses, sundresses(photo)

Fashion designers have again come up with a lot of novelties for the summer 2016. Beach fashion allows anything this summer! Dresses, tunics of different styles and different directions. Long to the floor or quite short, with prints and without, bright and plain, the figure, dense and very transparent, smooth and decor.

beach fashion 2016

In a word, from the variety of the models you can easily choose for themselves what would be nice to spend a vacation on the beach .

Fashionable swimsuits Bando 2016 – 50th returning

The Bandeau Swimsuit made a revolution in the world of beach fashion in the 50’s of previous century. Before the advent of style swimwear was something like a closed model or pure suits that not only hides the form, but also hindered the full tan. Despite the fact that in 50’s Bandeau swimwear  considered too frivolous and provocative.

bandeau swimsuit 2016 copy

But they quickly gained deserved fame and still not lose its relevance, as evidenced by the fashion collections of 2016 from leading brands. In article you can see the main swimsuit trends of season.

Victoria’s Secret Swimwear: 2016 Collection

The new Victoria’s Secret collection of swimwear opens beach spring-summer season 2016. Beach fashion new season promises to be very bright and varied. A new Victoria’s Secret collection of swimwear in 2016 belongs to the most spectacular and enchanting collections for beach season. These bathing suits make you feel at a height under the scorching sun by the sea. Bright, stylish and high-quality model not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also cheer up their colorful variety.

victorias-secret 2016