7 Fashion Images Of Kim Kardashian In Shorts

Reporters do not get tired of repeating that since dating Kanye West with Kim Kardashian in record time has passed from the list of major American thrash-setters in the style of icon and a welcome guest at the major shows of the season.

Kim Kardashian

Each image of the star of reality becomes an occasion for debate in the media and instantly understands citations groupies socialite.

So, we are required exactly to her resurrection seemingly long-dead in the fashion-oblivion tight shorts. Thanks to the tight shorts, uniquely loved by Kim recently currently experiencing a rebirth. For example, Kim understands, what to wear is one of the most controversial, but topical subjects wardrobe.

With bulky denim jacket


The main rule of Kim in the preparation of an image with Cycling shorts – basic top. Most often, the star wears shorts monochrome shirt or t-shirts, placing emphasis on shoes and outerwear oversize-silhouette. In this case, her choice fell on baggy jacket from bleached denim and peach sandals on heels with inserts of transparent plastic.

With a man’s shirt


Forming the next set with tight shorts, celebrity chose them in a pair of white T-shirt with a round neck and long shirt of the same color.

With Long Kimono


Kim’s provocative image during a recent family trips to New York did not discuss only the lazy. Attention of journalists drew a clear top, Kim put on her naked body. It would seem possible to draw attention to the chest even more. In the case of the Kardashian sisters it is still as possible. Expected wow-effect is achieved by using the star denim corset, ending exactly under the breast. As a final touch, Kim threw on the shoulders the kimono and the longest bomber with colorful embroidery on the back.

With the bulkը T-shirt and girdle


Corsets and Corsetry Belts – another recent fascination օf Kanye West’s spouse. With their help, Kim emphasizes, and sometimes simply to create a waist dresses with bulky T-shirts or shirts.

 With black leather jackets


Star turns the combination of black and white from the classic to the trendy, adding a third color (active scarlet velvet sandals) and unusual finishes (hundreds of rivets and the lettering on the leather black leather jackets draped over).

With bomber


In another form of Kim shorts sitting strictly on the figure, the company has made them tight black tank top and surround bomber. From shoes Kim traditionally chosen concise sandals with high heels.

With Park


Before the star shared with subscribers good news that she got rid of the record time of 30 kilograms accumulated during pregnancy, Kim preferred to hide in her opinion, the faulty piece under a long coat. In this case, the masking function is performed by the free Park khaki length of the palm above the knee. Under it – monochrome black kit with matched in tone sandals with laces at the ankle.