7 Mistakes In Choosing Clothes That Prevent Us Look Slimmer

One can endlessly engaged in the gym, there is only green apples, jogging in the morning and get the figure of dream, and then in a jiffy to spoil her clothes. And it is possible have a couple of minor flaws that with proper selection of clothes will be looked advantageously and fashionable.


We have compiled tips on how to lose a few kilos for two minutes, only to choose the right wardrobe.

Horizontal print

Horizontal print enlarges the figure. But if you like stripes on clothes, do not worry. You just have to change their direction, because vertical stripes, on the contrary, lengthen and slim silhouette. And in this case, to help, as always, comes a classic – an unusual combination of plain things.

Excessive decor

Endless ruffles, folds and flounces add at least a couple of sizes. Try to choose clothes with a modest décor, for example, a skirt with a long zipper visually lengthen the figure, as well as the vertical stripes of the last advice.

Large print and horizontal elements

Large print makes the figure more massive, and sandals with lacing visually shorten the leg. But crew neck and slit skirt, on the contrary, lengthen your figure. Select items from the plain fabrics and shoes in color close to your skin tone. So you’ll look more slimmer.

Boat neckline

Boat neckline
Crew neck dress weights  the figure, but the V-shaped necklin econversely, make it more elegant. Do you remember, we are advised not to choose clothes with extra folds? Notice how much larger waist and hip in the first picture.

Wide horizontal stripes


Worse horizontal stripes can only be bright and wide horizontal stripes. This skirt is on the left picture – this is the best way to turn an elegant figure in a shapeless bag. Single-colored dress with a fine pattern and a wide black belt at the waist emphasizes everything you need and makes the figure visually much more slender.

Bright colorsBright colorsBright colors look fat much more than muted. Look on the two identical pictures vest, they differ only in color. The photograph on the left, with bright red stripes, the waist and the shoulders of the girls look much bulkier than the second photo, where a strip of pale colors. Black bottom is also very different, this color is slim, but style can spoil everything. For example, fashion is now Pantaloons pants added a couple of extra kilos.