Elie Saab Showed A Couture Collection 2016 “Mommy And Me”

Famous worldwide for its dresses for “princesses”, the Lebanese designer collection Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 raised the aesthetics of the brand to a new level. Despite the usual sequence of updating dresses worthy of red carpet, this time characterized by something even more mysterious, sensual and fabulous.

Elie_Saab Couture2016_2017

In the new season designer has realized the dream of little fashionistas and presented dresses for girls that can be worn in a pair with their moms.

Elie Saab is known for his luxurious evening dresses, which with enviable frequency appear on the red carpet. Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, and another well-known brand has pleased us a new collection.

Dresses for little princesses showed mini-model, who walked through the catwalk together with older models. Children’s versions of evening dresses look very cute and fabulous, while the adult model appeared in a luxurious and seductive outfits that never ceases to surprise us Elie Saab.

The entire clothing line, which is very typical of handwriting Saab, made in natural, discreet colors and with many complicated elements. Elie Saab proves complicated elements of each collection by reconciling the western elegance with an irresistible eastern craving for luxury.

Lebanese designer looked to the metropolis through the prism of decades, to spy it out, the a golden time when the American “new money” are still quite new and provocatively crunched. The final day of Fashion Week in Paris marked the show Elie Saab Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017.


Haute couture line combines the opposing lines and shapes, displayed dynamically sensual necklines and mermaid silhouette, as well as theatrical dresses that look like costumes of Disney princesses. Impression that this collection of haute couture was indeed approved by Disney, Elie Saab has strengthened the appearance of little girls on the catwalk, which was accompanied by adult models, miniature versions of the appropriate fee, promoting the trend, “Mommy and Me”.

A rethinking Children’s versions were made of a soft and textured materials. Elie Saab, which began to show interest in fashion at a very young age, took this incredibly eclectic form of art, rummaging in his mother’s clothes and reinventing it for his sisters who were his first models. It seems that he wanted to share the memories of their childhood and youth that have had a significant impact on his life and career choices.

Disney motifs run through the entire collection, thanks to a repeating pattern, inspired wardrobe Malifesenta. But unlike the dresses of heroine of Angelina Jolie, decorated with applications of real teeth and bones, Elie Saab opted for ordinary crystals and gemstones for his dark decor and air creatures overwhelmingly strewn with cascades of exquisite beaded.