Fashionable Casual Dresses 2016

Dress for any woman is an important attribute of her wardrobe. We can wear them for any occasion. Someone wears the dress only to show themselves in society, some people prefer to wear them at work. Many also considered that this outfit designed for the home.

Fashionable Casual Dresses 2016

There are several types of dresses for everyday wear, and we are going to discuss some trends of summer season 2016.

Casual Dresses Spring-Summer 2016: Shirt style

Casual Dresses 2016 always distinguished the simplicity of its cut, they are created for this purpose and in order not to bring discomfort of its owner. This season in fashion dresses for the house, sewn in a shirt style. Typical shirt only certain length. They are made from jersey or natural materials usually. The color scheme is not bright, something between gray and cream color.

Denim dresses

Jeans is at the peak of popularity. Dresses for the house, made of this material, again will please the housewives in its simplicity. These dresses will have a trapezoidal shape and may be present stand-up collar. Color will be actual blue jeans.

Knits and knitted dresses

Peep the season is knitted dresses that can please all the handy people. Dresses made by large loops will be at the top of popularity. More like an elongated sweater than a dress fitting and slightly flared at the bottom. Once the forgotten jersey, also returns and Daytime dresses made from it, will be back in vogue. Normal straight sewing or dress of the trapezoid, can be seen on a fan of knitwear. The color scheme is a geometric pattern or not very narrow strip. Knitted and crocheted dress nice and warm hugs the body at any coolness.

Dresses with floral prints

Bright homemade dresses with floral patterns, are also fashionable in this season. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton goods and coarse calico, are becoming widely popular. are Stitched dresses with flared bottom. May have a pattern of small and large flower. Wearing a dress is a pleasure, it is very practical, not squeezing in movement and looks great.


Dresses in the form of sundress, always had popularity, but this season they have got a slightly different style and simply stepped forward fashion. These models have gained a bottom in the form of a bell or flared. The form sundress may be a trapezoid, or just straight. Color of these models ranges from bright striped fabric is bright in colored to paint. It is convenient in that the straps have small or thin straps. The material can be different, the main thing that it was not heavy and dense.