How To Wear A Skirt In The Winter And Not To Freeze.

The winter is a period of dense woolen trousers and jeans? Oh, no! No one prevents us from wearing skirts and dresses, 365 days a year, including the coldest months – January and February.


Don’t you think so? Then try to convince you.

The skirt with high boots

Fasionable high boots which year did not go out of fashion and due to them you can wear a skirt, even on cold days. These boots will warm your feet and add a little sexual attractiveness and fashionable look. If you wear a skirt on top of classic boots, then this outfit can be safely worn in the office.


Trendy high boots go perfectly with a mini skirt and knitted sweaters, jackets. For office suit skirt of midi length in conjunction with the men’s shirt and cardigan or poncho.

Maxi skirt

If you have purchased a maxi skirt last year, you can safely wear it this winter. In winter, perhaps maxi skirt more practical than other models of skirts. Unlike the tight jeans maxi-skirt allows wear thick stockings that you will warm and at the same period remain undetected.


Maxi skirt gives you freedom of movement, gives self-confidence. Wearing a skirt and can be coarse shoes, and ankle boots, and boots, depending on the image. As evening attire can also be used maxi skirt. Here it is worth paying attention to the skirt with a deep cut to the side, wearing a skirt to be with high boots with heels.

Wear a skirt on trousers

Modern fashion allows us to even wear a skirt to pants. This combination will look expressive and boldly, you will not go unnoticed, so this combination will withstand only the most daring fashionista. To combine the clothes can be possible and in fashionable contrasting colors and a palette, comparing the different textures of materials.


The skirt with a sweater


Leggings and tights as an accessory

If you have beautiful, shapely, long legs, you can allow yourself to wear a trendy mini skirt. However, if you decide to resign from the high boots and prefer short boots, then you should think about tights or leggings.


You can choose the usual transparent tights or tights similar to pick up shoes color to visually lengthen legs. Depending on the dress, you can choose leggings, so it will be warmer, and the image will turn extraordinary.