Lacoste show at Fashion Week In New York

Lacoste show at Fashion Week in New York it is a new look at the sporty chic. The morning 0n September 10th in New York began with the presentation of Lacoste. Felipe Oliveira Baptiste and his team presented on the catwalk alternative view of sporty chic.

Lacoste show at Fashion Week in New York

It seems that in any of the items shown on the catwalk, you can immediately go on a walk around the city.


Simple at first glance, Lacoste collection is built on contrasts flying silhouettes and monolithic shapes, beautiful ornaments and plain textures, elegant cut and sports subjects. Sophisticated palette, built on open colors: yellow, red and green, combined with pastel and gray shades.

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Crocodile painted by Felipe Oliveira Baptiste for invitations, became the protagonist of this fashionable collection. Cute reptile, resembling the familiar all Soviet children Crocodile Gena, did not leave the place in a collection of other animals.

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Images of Lacoste – uniforms for the stone jungle. Location and scenery have left no doubt in this. White Hall, flooded with light, pouring from the panoramic windows overlooking the city was decorated with the installation of the lush greenery. Plants spaced along a difficult path, along which the model, creating the effect of tropical forests, where here and there peeped through the leaves fragments of bright things on the models.

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