Roman Empire: The Anniversary Show Of Fendi 2016

The legendary fashion house Fendi to its no less legendary creative director Karl Lagerfeld staged a truly unparalleled show at Rome’s Trevi fountain, giving moments of absolute aesthetic pleasure connoisseurs of this world!

Fendi FALL 2016

Fashion House celebrating the 90th anniversary with a grand show in the center of the Italian capital.

The history of fashion house Fendi has begun with the opening of a small fur and leather atelier in Rome in 1926. Today, the brand, which is one of the main symbols of Italian fashion, noted 90-year anniversary of the grand show in the heart of the Italian capital. This week of high fashion have all been waiting by the creative director of Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld for something special. stars and industry professionals went to Rome at Fendi haute couture show in honor of the anniversary of the brand. The place for presentation of the collection by Karl Lagerfeld chose a very unusual – a podium built right into the famous Trevi Fountain.

Fendi's 90th anniversary 2016

The design team, led by creative director of the brand Karl Lagerfeld held a large-scale show “Legends and Tales” at the Trevi Fountain in the Italian capital. For guests show representatives of the brand organized a charter flight from Paris to Rome. Kate Hudson  Miroslava Duma, Chiara Ferrand and many other celebrities arrived congratulate beloved fashion house on his birthday.

Fendi 90th Anniversary

Fendi Fashion show, Couture collection Fall Winter 2016 in Rome

fendi's 90th anniversary 14

“Trevi Fountain – a unique place, which is the best symbolizes the preservation of traditions, values and history of the Fendi with a focus on the present”, – has shared with journalists, chief executive officer of the brand Pietro Beccari.

Each show of Karl Lagerfeld – it is a real show, enchanting spectacle colors and fantasy.

Fendi Fashion show 2016

The inspiration to create a collection the designer drew in the works of illustrator Kay Nielson, creating a truly fabulous worlds. As always, Lagerfeld did not perceive their sources of inspiration literally, having pleased the guests of the show not only the fabulous images, but also a complicated cut and excellent storytelling.

Just in a fountain glass transparent podium was built, so the viewer has the feeling that the models walk on water. Opened show Lagerfeld’s favorite 20-year-old Kendall Jenner in a gray-blue coat of Karakul with fantasy pattern. A closed the her main competitor the 19-year-old Bella Hadid in the cloak with the image of the fairy forest.

The Anniversary Show of Fendi 10Kendall Jenner

All models were like porcelain dolls with curly hair, tied with a satin ribbon. Prints and embroidery on the costumes reflect the name of the collection – and there was a fairy forest, fairy and flowers that bloom on skirts, dresses and jackets, and the princess castle. The main material couture line was the fur, without which it is impossible to imagine today Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld presented a dozen different coats, capes and coats of fur. Also, this valuable material has been used as a decoration of dresses and accessories.

fendi's 90th anniversary 18 The Anniversary Show of Fendi 10 The Anniversary Show of Fendi 9 The Anniversary Show of Fendi 7 The Anniversary Show of Fendi The Anniversary Show of Fendi 2 The Anniversary Show of Fendi Fendi Fashion show 2016

Lagerfeld phrase “Fur – that is Fendi, and Fendi – that is fur”, which embodies the almost century-old tradition of Fashion House with the most precious materials, was broadcast in almost every image from the new collection. Fendi’s fur – it’s not just the usual coats, but also skillfully executed decor, decorating luxury dresses, along with the finest embroidery and sequins. In the hands of Fendi’s masters fur is like the paint in the hands of the artist and a commemorative collection that served as another proof.