The Main Thing About The New Collection Of Miu Miu

Miu Miu show was the final at the Paris Fashion Week, the last of the big four. Like many other collections, this was yet another confirmation of the fact that the concept of seasonality is no longer applicable to fashion.


Coat-gowns, made of colored fur are looking avant-garde in the company of slippers and extravagant hats of flowers, more like a swimming cap.

This association is not accidental, because the pool looked like palette of collection and rhythms of ornaments, echoing with the picture of David Hockney’s “big splash”.


Swimsuit, as an essential attribute of swimming is one of the main elements of the collection. The fashionable arrangement it has turned into independent complete sets in the spirit of the pin-up of mikroshort with a high waist, cropped tops or bras and body, which were draped coats and raincoats, like bathrobes.

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Another theme of the show is an utopian retro. Models on the catwalk looked like a guest from a parallel universe, where time has stood still between 60-bit and 70-E, or the heroine of Wes Anderson films. Coat-gowns collected from fur and striped suits would surely have pleased Margot Tenenbaum and floral prints would have liked the most fastidious and aristocratic client the of the hotel “Grand Budapest.”

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