The Velvet season 2017

Thanks to the efforts of fashion designers again managed to return into fashion velvet and inhale the in the heavy fabric ease and elegance. Henceforth luxurious material is at the peak of its popularity, becoming a universal cloth for any outfit.


Previously, it could only afford reigning persons. At all times, velvet treated expensive fabrics.

It was very nice to see so many velvet on the runways, with so many interesting patterns on it, from prints to simple embroidery cuts it all. This expressive texture, soft to the touch and gorgeous to look at, with an easy glimmer to it and the ability to keep you much warmer from the elements. Social events are made richer with velvet creations, showing your body.

the-velvet-season-2017 the-velvet-season-20179

The use of the fall 2016 colors on velvet even better, at the time of mating, that makes pantsuits for returning the 1980s, is still showing a modern tone, as seen from the Phillip Lim designs. Crazy design fuchsia on Prabal Gurung also give us some sporty figures that look good when matched with the same color and texture of the boots.

the-velvet-season-2017 the-velvet-season-20172

Surprisingly, but the fact that at the present time is considered to be the royal velvet cloth from which the mantle sewn. Dresses, coats, pantsuits and even bombers from this noble material can be seen everywhere on the catwalks of the world.

the-velvet-season-2017 the-velvet-season-20176

Especially in autumn and winter season 2017  velvet does not look crude and cumbersome, due to the combination with chiffon, silk and guipure. He became gentle and romantic, without losing the drama and glamor. Therefore velvet things are now are not only at night but during the day, adding stylish accessories.

Total velvet bow is a pantsuit or a suit of velvet can afford only the confident girls. This image creates a unique atmosphere of celebration and solemnity, you will feel at least a duchess holiday.