Trendy colors of spring-summer 2016: A riot of colors and classic

Fashion brands have already managed to demonstrate to the public the collection of spring-summer season 2016 is the time to see the fashionable colors of spring-summer 2016 season, which may appear in the wardrobes of fashionistas very soon. American experts from the The Pantone Color Institute named samye modnye shades of spring and summer 2016.

spring summer 2016

The color scheme includes colors that are close to nature, reminiscent of the greenery, sea spray and ripe fruit.

Classic blue color
Another topical color of the upcoming season. The blue color is usually in a given shade is in the list of popular every season. However, in the upcoming season it will be actual in its original form. The classic blue color is reflected in the collections of fashion designers from Pamella Roland, Emporio Armani, Ermanno Scervino.

Almond color

Almond is one of the sunniest and truly summer flowers, which will be at the peak of popularity in the upcoming season.

almond color

One of the “novelties” will become almond fashionable color of the season spring-summer 2016.

 It definitely will be enjoyed by people endowed with creative and deep imagination. Almond shade deliciously combined with a bronze tan, which is why you can choose an outfit for trips to the beach exactly in the shade.

Tangerine color

Next fashionable shade of spring-summer 2016 season, which we would like to tell you – it is tangerine. Perhaps it is also one of the most vibrant colors, which will be a trend. At the peak of popularity would be skirts, dresses and tops of tangerine color. If you want in any situation to remain vibrant and visible – take a look closer to the outfits in this truly a summer color.

Bronze color
Speaking of fashionable colors for spring-summer 2016 season we simply did not have the right not to mention the bronze color, which punctually flickered on catwalks around the world.

Not last place in the list of fashionable colors in spring and summer season of 2016 and takes a shiny metal color, which is a great background for almost any prints. In our opinion, to beat gray tone in its collections, the best turned out at Hugo Boss and Alexis Mabille.

As you can see, the upcoming season prepares for us the sea of colors and shades, in which the most fashionable outfits are met. And you, no doubt, in all this diversity will find exactly those colors and shades that will most fully meet your ideas of style!