Trendy Jeans – Summer 2016

We have long been liked jeans and literally can not do without them. Jeans are versatile, convenient, beautiful, sexy, fashionable and feminine. They help us out in any situation and under any circumstances.

trendy jeans

Therefore, this type of clothing is in the wardrobe of every representative of the fairer sex. And what a pleasure: for every season, designers offer new models.

What kind of Jeans to wear in the summer of 2016?

Summer 2016 – a new tendencies original solutions, unusual rethinking. This season, designers decided to give us a complete freedom of choice was a tight and loose, narrow at the bottom and flared model. Whatever the style, stylish jeans spectacular on any woman and any figure.

jeans 2016

The color

Summer 2016 season of Jeans differ in diversity of colors. This summer it becomes candy caramel:  all shades of caramel, berries and flowers are relevant. Pastel colors have become more exotic. The only requirement – jeans should be a different color from the rest of the clothes, although some designers offer a combination of plain, and it gives a huge opportunity to create your own style. Summer white jeans should always be in your wardrobe, especially with white prints – it squeak of the season. And, of course, the color indigo and all its shades – from burned-out light blue to dark blue. There are also models of black color.

jeans 2016

Style often without pockets, belt loops, and other big parts. Just like last year was a skinny-jeans fitting the figure. They are slightly shortened length. But there are other trends: classical or avant-garde versions, a lot of retro glamor with street punk and grunge, cooked and torn – all this we will see this summer. Some designers offered for summer Jeans with a hint of masculine. They sit tightly around the waist and hips, not swift knee, often narrowed down. These Jeans emphasize the fragility of the girl’s figure, they can be a little tucked, to show beautiful shoes or sandals. Many offer a free styles in the style of vintage or grunge. This wide jeans with scuffed, deliberate negligence. They are worn with small tops and catchy jackets. Again returned flared jeans. Flared from the knee, a closed bottom jeans and platform heels and short topic make a figure slimmer.

skinny jeans 2016

Finishing and decorations
Decorating for fashionable jeans of this summer is varied:

decorative finishing stitch, embroideries, appliques, laces;

zippers, rivets, punching, lacing, studding;

contrasting inserts, spattered with paint. 

jeans 2016

The skinny-model with trim stripes are Interesting. And now the stripes are not necessarily equal, they figured, out of different color fabrics. In general, denim summer 2016 becomes a trend №1. Jeans are buying as an independent part of the wardrobe, and designers are advised to choose the most unpredictable models.