Women’s fashion shirt for summer 2016

Women’s shirt – is exactly the subject of clothes, which is very often referred to business style. But today a lot has changed. Modern fashionable women combine this wonderful thing, not only with the classic skirts and trousers, but also with simple jeans. This combination looks very stylish and fashionable. Today they can compete with T-shirts, because they have a lot of advantages. In this article we provide an overview of women’s fashion shirts for summer 2016.white shirts 2016

shirts 2016

Thus it will be much easier to choose a successful model that will decorate your wardrobe.

Trendy snowy white shirts/ Summer 2016

It is noteworthy that women’s shirt can be called the basic thing that should have every girl. But that simple white model began to play with new colors, it is necessary that it was decorated with a special decoration. In this season you should pay particular attention to the shirt with a twist.  Combine white shirts 2016 can be extraordinary with unusual things.
Thus you can choose a tweed skirt with a slit or a pencil skirt of maxi length. Also, it could be capri, pants or other wardrobe items.  Everything depends on your individual preferences.

Denim shirt / Summer 2016

demin shirts 2016 demin shirts 2016

demin shirts 2016

 Denim shirts models occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most urgent things of the coming year. Thus designers offer to endure beyond the the everyday style. Now they can become a part of the romantic style or evening look. It is enough to choose a beautiful pleated skirt for that. Also, a denim shirt can be used as a summer jacket and worn over tops.
  Jeans women’s shirts in 2016 should look simple, but it is expensive. The ideal model – a thing of the delicately bleached denim with a minimum of parts.
Extremely popular free style women shirts. Such a thing would be an ideal addition to the simple pencil skirt or pants.  But remember that if the upper part is free enough, so  the bottom should always be form-fitting. It is very important for those who do not have high growth and model parameters. For the hot summer weather ideally suited fashionable options with short sleeves. The length can be up to the middle of the elbow and shoulder. Trendy are sleeves wings, sleeves with cuts and “lanterns.”
Romantic Style
romantic shirt 2016
Romantic ruffles, a jabot, flounces are in a trend for summer 2016.  It is not necessary that these details were massive it is enough small folds near the buttons. Plus everything on the peak of popularity  are bows, lace, ribbons of chiffon.
A few tips on how to choose a trendy shirt for the summer 2016
If you need to choose fashionable shirt for 2016, then pay attention to detail. For example, even an ordinary bow is able to transform the thing. Such a shirt will be a great choice for an evening out or a romantic image. For the work you need to choose a more restrained colors and styles. For the party perfectly will approach models of unusual materials. This may be a metal cloth and silk. Supplementing such a thing ordinary pencil skirt or trousers your image will look stylish. High heels and a stylish clutch bag will complete your overall look.