Anjelina Jolie’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Anjelina Jolie’s Best Red Carpet Looks

Amazing Oscar-winning actress, one of the most beautiful and talented female in the world, who has a brood of six children with her husband Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie always finds time for her look! She always charms on the red carpet... More »

Like Mother Like Daughter: Evening Dresses From D&G

Like Mother Like Daughter: Evening Dresses From D&G

Sparkly Eveningwear For Mom And Daughter Duo Many little princesses dream to look like their moms! They always imitate them, couse the most beautiful specimen for them is theirs mothers! More »

Rainbow Hues: New Trendy Shoes For This Season!

Rainbow Hues: New Trendy Shoes For This Season!

The weather is finally warming up and everybody of us starting thinking about what to wear... More »

Fashionable Cocktail Dresses for Spring/Summer 2016

Fashionable Cocktail Dresses for Spring/Summer 2016

It is difficult to imagine fashionistas, whose wardrobe there cocktail dress. Models without sleeves and a collar, a small differ in length, originally intended for social events and parties, but their usage has managed to go beyond that. More »



Women’s watch is not just an accessory hat adds fashion look or a device that shows the time. It is very important detail in the wardrobe of every woman. It can show modern women fashion style so how clothes and shoes do it. So it is very important to choice a right watch... More »


Elie Saab Showed A Couture Collection 2016 “Mommy And Me”

Famous worldwide for its dresses for “princesses”, the Lebanese designer collection Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 raised the aesthetics of the brand to a new level. Despite the usual sequence of updating dresses worthy of red carpet, this time characterized by something even more mysterious, sensual and fabulous.

Elie_Saab Couture2016_2017

In the new season designer has realized the dream of little fashionistas and presented dresses for girls that can be worn in a pair with their moms.

Underwear Trends 2016

When people talk about fashion, you have a view of the fashionable clothing or shoes, and almost no mention about fashion trends of the components of clothes that are not visible to everyone.

Underwear trends 2016

As you might have guessed in this article we will speak about underwear. 

Chanel – Haute Couture – Spring-Summer 2016

Particular attention in the framework of the Paris fashion week, regardless of seasons, given of course the inimitable Chanel and inimitable Karl Lagerfeld. Before showing the next collection of all look genuine interest and try to anticipate what will surprise this time around  great Carl.


And every time he manages to surprise his fans and admirers.

Fashionista of the week: 5 outfits of the Duchess of Cambridge

A beautiful woman does not be spoiled, but even to transform more spectacular – easily! From the beautiful Katherine impossible to look away!

Duchess of Cambridge

Probably because of  her impeccable taste and original outfits. 

The suit in pajama style from Dolce & Gabbana: fashionable and provocative

Another declaration of love for their homeland expressed talented and incomparable Stefano Gabbana and Diminiko Dolce . The main heroine of the show was Italy and its many provinces. Collection Spring-Summer 2016 is full of colors, full of passion, emotions and of course she is always feminine and adorable.
suit in pajama style

Unlike the collections of Dolce & Gabbana Fall-Winter 2015-2016 in which there was not only no trouser suit, and even pants, this season designers have been more supportive of the clothing item.

Star’s Trend: Longchamp bags

Bag – the most important accessory a woman who is also fast changing the face as the autumn weather. This season as miniature, as well as solid models are in the fashion. We consider the most stylish handbags offered by designers.

Longchamp 2016

For nearly seventy years, the French brand Longchamp creates a stylish and elegant leather accessories, popular among fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. 

Royal horse racing in Ascot: parade of hats

The 15th of June in the English town of Ascot started the famous royal horse racing the “Royal Ascot”, traditionally held since 1807. This event is famous for not only runs, but also an important major events in the British calendar secular, during which an exhibition and fashion show of women’s fashionable hats Britain.

Kate Middleton

Horse Racing lasts five days, and each day a lady supposed to put on a new hat.

The most fashionable wedding dresses 2016

For those who planned their wedding there are many innovations in wedding fashion, offering the most famous designers from Paris, New York and Milan. There are plenty to choose from, and the time to put their ideas into practice: to purchase fashionable wedding dress in the salon, or make it to order exactly by their standards from an experienced tailor.

свадебные платья без бретелек 2016

And the model that offer designers for a wedding in 2016, can make every girl’s fairy princess.

Fashionable Summer Swimwear 2016.

The era  of maximum naked body coming to an end and, increasingly, designers are offering us dress in a closed swimwear. At the same time, some swimsuits fused much more tempting then the whole body bikini. And thanks to modern possibilities of the technology to dream up with fabrics, decor and colors are becoming much more widely. In fact, beachwear absorbed a number of general trends that are observed in the rest of the wardrobe, but overall relaxing soul show in sunny Miami, is fundamentally different from the other shows.

swimwear 2016

Let’s see how see the summer 2016 leading lawmakers beachwear.

Fashionable and stylish Selena Gomez. Always in trend

Selena Gomez – one of the few young celebrities, which is always pleasant to watch. The singer does not shock the public with wild antics, does not appear in public in extravagant things and in the end, always looks neat.
Selena Gomez

The fan feminine dresses, it will give preference to narrow skirts and cropped top than jeans and T-shirts stretched. However, this young fashion-shy may be surprising!