Suede from Louboutin : fashionable shoes and boots

The brand has never hidden its belonging to the class of “luxury”. Suede – one of the most complex materials in the care and sewing of shoes, which is why many brands simply try to avoid it. The complexity of manufacturing, selection, uniformly coloration and even the laying of pile – a very good reason not do it at all. That is why most of the brands  ignore this material so carefully. But only not Christian Louboutin.

Louboutin shoes

Once he  made a bet is on luxury, so Louboutin suede – his branded models.

These shoes are produced in extremely limited parties and is more expensive than leather. There is no doubt in convenience of these models, for none of those who wear the originals. Court shoes, suede ankle booties and boots – they are presented in the lines of the brand in a suede version. A characteristic feature is it’s quite high “split” platform, often “closed” platform. Exactly that makes the model very convenient, even at the high-heeled shoes. Although the brand has a the parisian “registration” for production but use only Italian leather and suede.

black suede ankle

Black suede “Louboutin”  were one of the first models, which released the brand. Despite the fact that models regarded as a classic shoes, today they are the basis of the collection. The black top and red sole is certainly stylish and a little dramatic. The style perfectly underlines the shape and symmetry of the legs, and perfectly combines not only with narrow trousers but also with classic skirts.


But the real exclusive – suede boots. The brand produces only autumn models in a very conservative color scheme. But the famous red sole always creates the right impression. Classic style boots on heels – with a rounded nose and without a platform complemented by quite high and wide leg. It is, by the way, should sit “free”. This technique perfectly emphasizes the harmony of legs.