The Hottest Trends From The Beach Fashion Week In Miami /2016/

In Miami, hosted the annual Week of beachwear, swimwear where designers presented their collections summer season 2017. Despite the fact that these things can be bought only in the following year, the trends of the collections are relevant now.


So choose swimwear to your taste and become the most stylish on the beach!

It is impossible to imagine a summer without a bathing suit. Preparation for the new summer season should be approached carefully and with all liability. It is good that designers represent their fashionable  collections are advance and fashionista slowly be able to prepare for the new hot summer season 2017.

So, what swimwear will be in fashion in 2017 ?

High neckline

High neckline
These swimsuits visually lengthen legs and look even sexier than  outspoken bikini.

Beach is the best place to demonstrate excellent shape and the results of of work on oneself in the gym. Beautiful, smart and very slender body inspired the designers to create frank and very sexy trendy outfits .

Straps on the swimming trunks

It looks tempting and original. Don’t you think so ?



Swimwear flesh-colored almost invisible from a distance, thereby riveting the attention.

In favorites of designers have appeared several styles that were developed in the new collections. Secret swimsuit fashion – not style, and even not the colors, but the image that it creates

Conjoint swimsuit over one shoulder

Elegant and feminine option.

Elegant and feminine option. Designers invent more and more new styles. It would seem that it is just trunks and bodice, what you can come up with more, but every year the models of swimsuit surprise. So, designers offer to wear swimwear on one shoulder.

Pompons and tassels

Pompons and tassels

Add playfulness even to the simplest swimsuit. A great way to add a little shimmy and shake to your usual beach strut.

For those who like the new version of perfect classical and fashionable styles this summer, there is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the excellent taste. Fashion Swimsuit, first of all, well-chosen complete sets. In such models, combines panties, perfectly accentuating the hips and bodices, focuses on the area of the neckline and bust

Wedding swimwear

Wedding swimwear

The ideal option for a honeymoon.

Sky-hight cut


Cut high on the bottom and low on the top, these suits are sexier than even the tiniest bikinis.