Beach fashion 2016: bags, shoes, hats, tunics, dresses, sundresses(photo)

Fashion designers have again come up with a lot of novelties for the summer 2016. Beach fashion allows anything this summer! Dresses, tunics of different styles and different directions. Long to the floor or quite short, with prints and without, bright and plain, the figure, dense and very transparent, smooth and decor.

beach fashion 2016

In a word, from the variety of the models you can easily choose for themselves what would be nice to spend a vacation on the beach .

Summer dresses, sundresses, tunics largely met their cotton, chintz, linen. But long romantic dresses and tunics are made from beautiful flying, often transparent fabrics such as silk, chiffon, jersey, lacy cloth. Despite the style, many dresses are made with herbal, floral prints.

beach fashion 2016

The most convenient for the beach – Dress shirts, dresses, overalls, dresses in linen style, and the most elegant – dresses with long flowing skirts, creating a plume of glamor and femininity. In such romantic-long dress nice to walk along the promenade by attracting the views of local macho. Dresses, shirts and dresses, overalls emphasize sportiness and slim figure. Dresses of underwear style – this is erotic of  summer beach. Dresses of underwear style – this beach erotic summer. Their styles – a shirt, wide and tight, sheer and lace. They look good at a party at sea, at the singing fountain or in a summer cafe.

Sundress – this is an easy, open dress on wide straps or thin straps. Almost all the designers presented beach sundresses, emphasizing the harmony of form-fitting style and flared skirts. Shuttlecocks, frill and ruffles adorn almost all sundresses. Trend beachwear 2016 will be sundress of white color.

dresses 2016

The most important accessory on the beach after the swimsuit – a hat. The hat is needed to protect against the sun’s rays can serve as protection from the rain, a hat makes every woman beautiful. This hat with a wide brim looks especially elegant . It gives the image of femininity and mystery.

beachwear 2016

On the southern beach, where the sun shines much brighter than in the city, a hat is a necessity. Little hat or romantic broad-brimmed hat, boy’s cap, bandana or a simple scarf are not only a decoration – they cover the hair, protecting them from drying out and brittleness. If a hat with a brim or cap with a visor, it will be easier to hide the face and neck skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.