Fashionable Summer Swimwear 2016.

The era  of maximum naked body coming to an end and, increasingly, designers are offering us dress in a closed swimwear. At the same time, some swimsuits fused much more tempting then the whole body bikini. And thanks to modern possibilities of the technology to dream up with fabrics, decor and colors are becoming much more widely. In fact, beachwear absorbed a number of general trends that are observed in the rest of the wardrobe, but overall relaxing soul show in sunny Miami, is fundamentally different from the other shows.

swimwear 2016

Let’s see how see the summer 2016 leading lawmakers beachwear.

Swimsuit Mayo

Although initially this type of swimsuit reflected the puritanical morality early 1900, this year the fused model will look as bold and seductive. In a fashion includes a variety of necklines and cuts, effectively denude tanned woman’s body.

Swimsuit Mayo

In order not to detract from the style, designers Luli Fama, Chromat, Nookie Beach and other popularized swimwear Mayo saturated colors.


Monokini is more open version of the solid leotard, which allows more to expose the body due to a plunging neckline in front and behind. Cleavage in a swimsuit may look no worse than the most outspoken bikini and bare back will cause lose vigilance all the male part of the beach. Such models can be found in the collections Indah, Caffé Swimwear, Gottex. If all previous swimsuits seem to you too closed, look at monokini. In such models, bodice as panties are joined the front only, leaving the space for imagination.

Retro swimwear
Returning to the podium swimsuits of 60-80s cut, with a high and wide panties gangs in striped quite forecasted: Retro style in the top of fashion solutions is not the first season.

Just imagine, that it was popular in the past few seasons and it is popular now. We find that the retro looks never really leave the runway actually and they are perpetually always in style, one way or another. We notice that the retro includes a lot of brighter colors, sheer inserts and a rather coquette style. Very popular the high waist and the sheer edgings on one particular Mara Hoffman look, while things look sweet as candy on the Lolli x Amuse Society catwalk. Pretty prints, a halter-top, high waist and mesh sides make the Frankie’s Bikinis designs very much ones to covet. Retro gives the swimsuits a very lovely attraction, with the waists and the focus on the busts really adding to the beauty of a swimsuit. Salinas does retro beautifully with its orange coloring that is fun and flirty while covering up that belly. Retro can mean crochet monokinis by Triya or something more on the luxe side with a timeless high waist Agua de Coco piece.

Sporty Swimwear

Smartness beauties in sports swimsuit – it’s not just a dream of every man, but also one of the trends of the summer season 2016. Sport promises to be not dull: in fashion as a piecework model with bright inserts and two-piece perfectly fitting swimwear.

It was a major trend in 2015 and it keeps on going into 2016! We love the sporty chic look and simply cannot get enough of the modern designs that give the more fit and fabulous of our ladies a chance to build up more muscle. We see striped edges on Acacia halter bikinis, cutouts at Hammock, tiny sleeved single pieces at Maaji, gentle classics at MIKOH and gorgeous long sleeved designs on the Maxim Magazine Worldwide Swimwear line-up. Gorgeous pale pink takes to the runway at Acacia, while long sleeves make any swimsuit look particularly alluring, as is the case on Belusso. Also in the top came out swimwear tops – they perfectly maintained the breast during outdoor activities.

And then of course there is the high cut single piece with the spaghetti straps from Adriana Degreas that has the sports-luxe feeling perfectly matching modern trends. Sporty and sexy make for an incredible combination on the 2nd Floor runway, where the effortless looks hold immense sex appeal. Of course, F**K Swimwear also joins in the crowd of sport loving beach looks with the sexy silhouettes. The one designer line that was into sporty chic with a passion was most certainly Maaji, with its shorts and bikinis and one-piece suits, its pants and jackets and mesh tops to go with everything.

Swimsuits with Long Sleeves

While some beauties prefer for sunbathing bikini that maximize bare body, designers offer the opposite trend – swimsuit with long sleeves. On the catwalks of the impression as if the model forgot to remove before bathing turtleneck.

It was big in 2015 and it continues to appear for the 2016 fashions as well, albeit not as strongly or as prominent. The long sleeves on the crop tops on bikinis or single piece suits give it a sophisticated appeal and also make for a more inclusive line-up, catering to all cultures and religions. Plus, they look positively amazing when there are laced up plunging necklines involved such as at Belusso or as full appearing two-piece ensembles such as on Colombian Trend. This technique is used both in closed swimsuits, as well as separate models tankini – a set of shorts and T-shirts of different planting.

Hey, it even appears in leather at Lolli x Amuse Society! Rush guards and long sleeves look awesome for the surf-loving lady, no matter who it is you are wearing. At the end of the day though, it is Belusso with a major focus on the longer sleeves overall, with prints or shimmering fabrics, colorful or in a mossy forest green, in single pieces or with cropped or full tops over bikini bottoms. Maxim also flexes muscles in this sphere, though not as beautifully as Belusso.

Stripes All Over

None of the summer season has managed without a nautical theme. In 2016 your vacation will be maximally “striped”. The longitudinal and transverse, narrow and wide, classic blue and white and all colors of the rainbow – the strip is literally overshadowed catwalks during the shows Mia Marcelle, Runway Australia, Gottex, Acacia.

One of the bigger trends for the spring and summer whether they are clothes or bikinis, is the use of stripes. We see stripes appear on Mia Marcelle strapless one-piece suits and gorgeous Runway Australia sets featuring Jewels + Grace + Allerton. We see ruffle skirt bikinis on Blush by Gottex using white and navy blue, as well as high neck crop top bikinis at Zimmermann. We love the simpler Acacia looks, while retro has got all the sexy moves at the main Gottex line. Need something sweet as candy? Pick up a Lolli x Amuse Society high waist set. Multicolored stripes by Lenny Niemeyer give a very simple bikini a thoroughly attractive design.