Chanel Spring-Summer 2016

The Most Fashionable Jewelry Of Summer 2016: Time To Shine!

It is hard to imagine a girl who has no jewelry. Jewelry and various jewelry – is an integral part and a worthy addition to any image. But, as in clothing or shoes in fashion jewelry every season there are new tendencies of fashion and trends.

fashionable jewelry of Summer 2016

Fashion Jewellery of Spring-Summer  2016 which can be seen on the fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London, democratic and diverse.

Chanel – Haute Couture – Spring-Summer 2016

Particular attention in the framework of the Paris fashion week, regardless of seasons, given of course the inimitable Chanel and inimitable Karl Lagerfeld. Before showing the next collection of all look genuine interest and try to anticipate what will surprise this time around  great Carl.


And every time he manages to surprise his fans and admirers.