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Fashionable handbags: Spring/Summer 2016

Continuing review of trends specific to the coming season, we want to talk in more detail about what handbags will be fashionable for spring-summer 2016. Fashionable handbags spring-summer 2016: large or small? In the upcoming season on popularity peak will be small versions of fashionable handbags, which are not hung up on his shoulder but worn in hands.  The most interesting models in a similar style represented such brands as Versace, Diane Von Furstenberg, Rochas and Prada.

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Bag “suitcase”

Another noticeable trend of the upcoming season, typical for fashionable handbags Spring / Summer of 2016. This model in “suitcase” style. Despite the fact that the main scenario of of using such bags is associated with the business, they may be relevant in other situations and images.